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Medallion Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry

Offering 3 different price points, Medallion has cabinetry that can fit into almost any budget. Whichever line you choose (Silverline, Designer, Designer Gold, or Platinum), Medallion cabinetry comes standard with 3/4” dovetail drawers, hardwood frames on doors and cabinets, 1/2” sides, bottoms and tops, and 3/4” adjustable shelving. In addition, Medallion offers upgrades such as all plywood construction and drawer guide upgrades as well as cabinet modifications. Woods currently available are maple, oak, alder, hickory, and quarter sawn oak.

All Medallion Cabinetry lines come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Medallion Siverline

Medallion Silverline cabinetry combines practical function with elegant design. Add value to your home with quality products in our most sought after styles.

Medallon Gold

Create a space like no other with Medallion Gold cabinetry. Distinquished, personalized craftsmanship meets smart, functional design, with a full range of styles to bring your kitchen dreams to life.

Medallion Platinum

Crafted with exquisite details and artistic touches, Platinum displays timeless style and features superior workmanship in every angle, line and curve.

Bath Cabinets

Transport your senses! Create a personal spa with elegant architectural touches on flexible, easy-to-use cabinetry that can be customized to your personal style and tastes.

If you’re searching for a look that is distinct and unexpected, Medallion cabinets are a perfect fit. Choose from a wide array of fresh and unique designs unlike those of other cabinet makers. Then, infuse your own style with personal touches.

Medallion cabinets don’t look like the out-of-the-box cabinets you’re used to seeing. They offer bold door styles, rich textures, many wood choices and theme-inspired designs, whether you’re searching for a tropical or antique look. With Medallion cabinets, your kitchen will stand out.

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